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Overthrow of Established Authority // Graphic Journal

We just underwent major renovation, so read the new user info if you want to get the most out of this journal.

meev is now an open Journal. Anyone may access it. All friends have been deleted, but you are welcome to keep it on your friends list. Do not comment asking for your username to be added, because there is no longer a friends list.

• The massive collection of past scans will no longer be stored on our servers because it was taking up obscene amounts of space and more bandwidth than anyone wants to pay for.

• Scans will now be rotated in groups of about 4 photoshoots per rotation.

• You may access old scans by downloading them via Meesh on Soulseek. Add the name The Shikenkan Baby to your list (be sure to read the terms of downloading in the user info on slsk).

• To view the list of what we already have, view the record of scans posted.

• To contribute scans, contact Meesh: meevscans [at] gmail [dot] com. Check to see what we already have before you contribute.

• PV Stills will not be added to the journal for download, but they will be available on Soulseek.

• You are encouraged to share scans through file sharing programs or however else. We want as many people to see them as possible, without having our servers weighed down. You may not take credit for any of these scans, however.

Break any and we will set tropical bugs loose in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

• Do not direct link from this journal.

• Do not use any scans you find here (or download from Meesh on soulseek) on your personal (or commercial) webpage. However, using them for Livejournal layouts, graphics, winamp skins, etc is fine.

• Do not leave obnoxious comments in the entries of this journal. Even if they amuse you, they clutter up my inbox and I don't want to see them. Commenting on photoshoots you like is fine, expressing gratitude is always more than welcome (I'm not asking for it, I'm permitting it, since people have asked if it's okay before), but outbursts of any kind are not looked kindly upon.

Please DO comment if you see a broken link or have a correction that needs to be made.

Those who want to keep seeing Miyavi scans on this journal might want to think about contributing. Money for magazines, high quality scans (I prefer them scanned at about 400% and sent to me to crop and resize at my own discretion), or any other services you can provide would be more than appreciated. Time and money constraints are the two things that threaten this journal, so if you can, please help us out.

Contact us via email to send a donation. If you use paypal, specify that it's for the meev journal in the note. Thanks for your time, and keep supporting Miyavi.

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